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Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV FSR Buggy Whip

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Fender continues the Hot Rod series of amplifiers with the IV series, which feature a slightly modified circuit and spring reverb and a Pine cabinet for lighter weight. This particular Hot Rod Deluxe IV platform receives a special limited treatment with this 2019 FSR "Buggy Whip" tolex and grille package and an Eminence speaker. This run was only made available to select dealers and we were lucky enough to get our hands on one! It features a single Eminence Private Jack 12" speaker, which is rated at 8 Ohms and can handle up to fifty watts of power. Classic Fender clean tone is instantly on tap, and the IV series have a tamer volume sweep than earlier Hot Rod series. The Private Jack speaker provides a more Brit-inspired crunch than a stock HRDIV. Single coil pickups through this Hot Rod are crisp and creamy, while humbucker equipped guitars will drive this amp to a looser-feeling heavy overdrive. Like all Hot Rod Deluxe amps, this FSR Buggy Whip features 40 watts of power, footswitchable "Normal" and "Drive/More Drive" channels, and tube-driven spring reverb.