1954 Gibson GA-6 Lancer Combo Tube Guitar Amplifier - Used

Used vintage guitar amplifier showing signs of age, but still fully functional. | Item ID: ISS12457C


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  • 1954 Gibson GA-6, first-year of production
  • Dark brown tolex, Gold Gibson Logo
  • Aged grill cloth, minimal discoloration
  • 12" Alessandro GA-SC64 speaker upgrade
  • Original transformers, choke, and Yellow Astron capacitors
  • Electrolytic caps replaced, 3-prong grounded cord added


Power Section: 2x6V6 Tung Sol
Preamp Section: 2x12AX7 Groove
Speaker Config: 1x12"
Wattage/Ohms: 14W
Channels: 2
FX Loop: No
Footswitch: Capable - Not Included
Master Volume: No

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