Kyser 12-String Capo Black

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The Kyser Capo for 12-string Guitar is designed using a stronger tension spring to match the increased string tension on a 12-string guitar. This helps to avoid string buzzing often found when using a capo designed for a 6 string guitar.

The Kyser Quick Change Guitar Capo is a real quick change artist. Lots of pros use it live. One hand does it! The music world's most popular quick-change capo, Kyser's Quick-Change Capo is made of strong, lightweight aluminum. The spring-tensioned Quick-Change clamps firmly to hold intonation, but is quickly and easily released and repositioned without disturbing the tuning. You can operate your Quick-Change comfortably with one hand. You'll find it doesn't interfere with fingering and the pads won't mar or react with your instrument's finish.