Ludwig Atlas Pro Pillar Clutch Snare Stand


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Ludwig Atlas Pro hardware is designed for the touring professional: heavy-duty, engineered for rough travel and hard playing. Ludwig incorporates all of their high-end features into this line of hardware. This snare stand includes the following features:

-Pillar Clutch - this low-tension basket clutch holds the drums without choking the bottom hoop, giving each drum noticeably more resonance. Each arm of the basket can be positioned to hold any drum from 10" to 16" in diameter. The whole clutch can also be quickly removed from the rest of the snare stand, making storage easy.
-Vice Grip Tube Joint with Integrated Memory Lock - this joint clamp takes stress off of the support tubing, increasing the life expectancy and performance of the stand. A memory lock is built in to the design.
-Aerodyne Tilter - a gearless, dual-axle joint that allows you to easily position a drum at any conceivable angle
-Double-Braced Legs - designed for the tough rigors of road lif