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Ludwig Vintage 1964 Superclassic Kit With Hardware - Cymbals - Used

Item ID: ISS5241C


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This Ludwig Vintage 1964 Superclassic Kit is in excellent condition. Pristine museum complete kit thoroughly cleaned and restored. All original hardware, heads, and finishing – only cleaning and tuning was done. The kit was played for a few years, then stored in cases for forty years before it was acquired from the original owner. The heads were never taken off the drums until we removed them for cleaning and pictures of the 1964 date stamps.

Don’t let it’s looks deceive you, this Ludwig Superclassic does in fact date back to 1964. Pictured is one of the 3 identical stamps placed inside the pristine, glossy white interiors of the kick and toms. The bright red stamps date all three of the drums to precisely the same birthdate: the 18th of June 1964. The kit was played for a few years, then kept in cases for just over four decades until we picked it up from the original owner right here in New Jersey.

This museum complete set includes absolutely everything it came with in 1964 (including cymbals). No replacements nor substitutions – and even the original brochure (included) so we could check. (see the picture)

The Superclassic’ shells are three-ply (mahogany, poplar, and mahogany) which provides a rich, full-bodied tone and was designed to only improve in sonic quality with time. Good mahogany was readily available around the time of the Superclassic’s production. The durable, harder wood has a warm natural tone but can be a bit dark sounding at times. In comparison, the cheaper, softer, more malleable poplar is much brighter. When both woods are used together, the result is one very well-rounded and whole sonority.

Last but certainly not least, the all brass 5” x 14” Supraphonic COB snare is a very well known classic in audio recording arts. It’s one of the most recorded snare’s in history, used by drummers such as John Bonham, Ringo Starr, John Theodore, and so many countless others. Our drum here features the iconic original red-felt baseball bat style dampener. It is also one of the very last brass snares made in this time period. This snare’s famous sound is one proven time and time again to be one of the best.

Due to it’s thick shells, and larger drum sizes, the Superclassic has a large dynamic range and an unbeatable tuning range. Because of all these features, the set quickly became a workhorse kit after its release; It sounded great in both calmer acoustic settings, while also finding it’s place mic’d up among amplified bands on large stages and during televised events. It will undoubtably be a perfect fit in any place it’s put.


5” x 14” Brass Supraphonic COB snare (37923) with red felted bat-style muffler

14” x 22” Bass Drum (34701)

9” x 13” consolette mounted Tom-tom (38860) with red felted bat-style muffler

16”x16” floor tom (38742) with red felted bat-style muffler

Included accessories:

Shell mount Tom-tom holder

Ludwig by Paiste 16” Thin crash made in Switzerland

Ludwig by Paiste 18” medium ride made in Switzerland

Ludwig by Paiste 15” high-hats made in Switzerland

High hat pedal stand

Floor stand cymbal holder

Shell mount cymbal holder

Speed King bass drum pedal

Folding spurs, shell mount

Flat base snare drum stand

5” Clear Tone Ludwig brass cowbell

Single cowbell holder

Orchestral model Ludwig sticks

Original Ludwig drum key in envelope

1964 date stamped original Naugahyde gold colored soft-shell cases

Original black hardware and cymbal case

Original owners drum practice books (vintage copy of Syncopation for the modern drummer among others)

Original Ludwig Superclassic catalogue/brochure