Mesa Boogie Triple Crown TC-50 1x12 Combo


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The new 3-channel, 50-watt, EL-34 powered Triple Crown™ TC-50™ from MESA Engineering® captures the essence of Rock with the ability to inspire new genres in a way only MESA® can. Emanating from the “other side of MESA” that spawned Rock’s iconic Dual Rectifier®, this new platform features a bold set of new circuits unlike anything else in our line. Mesa Boogie Triple Crown TC-50 Combo The Portable Triple Crown™ TC-50™ 1x12 Combo stands only 19.25" tall and is 23.75" wide.

From bubbly, sparkling clean sounds, rarely heard in this type of amp, to an amazingly tight and aggressive wall of Rock Crunch, to one of our most vocal, harmonically rich and gain-laden high-gain channels ever, the Triple Crown is aimed at Rock’s high-gain throne! Experience a new generation of Rock Royalty – The Triple Crown TC-50!