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Old Blood Noise Reflector Chorus V3


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Product Details

Three years ago, Old Blood Noise Endeavors introduced the Reflector chorus into the world. It combined pitch shifting, flanging, and multi-voice chorus into one versatile box. Now they’ve refined those sounds and introduced a new reverb chorus mode for further adventures in chorusing.

 Toggle switch to select between three modes: Wrinkle (pitch shifted signal into chorus), Washed (reverb into chorus), and Mirrors (resonant filter and chorus running together)

Mix control to go from fully dry (no affected signal) to fully wet (for true pitch vibrato), with chorus sounds in between

Rate and Depth control for the chorus, from slow and subtle to wildly wobbly

Modulate control for pitch shift amount (octave down to octave up), reverb blend (no reverb to full reverb), or filter depth

Expression jack for external control of the Rate or Modulate parameter

Internal trimpot to control output level

Relay bypass switching and standard 9VDC center negative power