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QSC 3600W Dual 12" Powered Cardioid Subwoofer

Item ID: KS212C

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With the introduction of the KS-212c cardioid subwoofer, QSC introduces the first-in-class, single-box directional subwoofer. The term ͞cardioid͟ refers to the heart-shaped coverage pattern of the subwoofer. We’re all used to cardioid microphones. Cardioid microphones are more sensitive to sound energy from the front and reject it from the rear. The cardioid subwoofer does the same thing in reverse – producing more energy from the front and less from the rear. Listen to the subwoofer from the front and you’ll experience ample, tight, punchy bass. But walk around to the rear and the bass drops by an impressive 14dB. The KS-212c is compact and affordable. It requires no special, advanced audio skills to use it. Bass is great and adds so much to live performance and dance music. But too much of a good thing in the wrong place creates lots of problems.