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Reverend Double Agent OG Orchid Pink Russo Music Exclusive

Exclusive run with an extra dark roasted maple neck and limited Orchid Pink finish |



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From the masterminds of Reverend Guitars and Russo Music come another piece of history for our company.  Last year, we shocked and awed with the release of a limited run of twelve Reverend Goldtop Charger 290s – exclusive to Russo Music.  Well, we were crazy enough to do it again!  Through collaboration with Reverend Guitars, we are proud to present the Russo Music limited Double Agent OG.  Finished in Orchid Pink with a three-ply mint pickguard and dark roasted maple neck, this guitar is limited to only twelve pieces. 

Reverend Guitars are some of the most unique on the market today.  The company’s history began in 1997 – in Detroit, Michigan – where founder Joe Naylor turned out original, radical instruments fueled by his passions for guitar luthiery and industrial design.  The company is currently based out of Toledo, Ohio, and all staff members share love for music and guitars alike.

Working with Reverend CEO Ken Haas and company is always a treat.  The Reverend design and school of thought is a perfect match for Russo Music’s operation and background of having been repair forward and player based since day one.  When posed with the opportunity for collaboration, it’s going to be unique and classic at once – and if it’s a guitar it’ll stay in tune and look cool on stage.

The Double Agent is characterized by being equipped with a humbucker in the bridge position and a P-90 in the neck – both made in-house by Reverend.  This versatile combination easily spans across multiple styles of music – and plays for days.  Key features include a Korina body, locking tuners, hardtail bridge assembly, and 22 frets on a dark roasted maple fingerboard.  The roasting process bakes out any oils or impurities in the wood and makes for a denser material with a tight, snappy response.

One of Reverend’s most signature elements in their guitars is their electronics layout.  Both pickups are controlled by master volume and tone with a three way selector switch – and Reverend’s bass contour control, which rolls off low end on either pickup, allowing for pseudo-coil tapping or acting as a boost.  All Reverend guitars are wired with a treble bleed circuit, which allows for high end to remain intact when rolling back on the volume knob.  All in all, this system maximizes dynamic range with no loss.

A Reverend Double Agent is incredibly fun to play in part thanks to its ergonomic contoured body style.  This guitar also has superior fretwork on a 12” radius for fast, responsive playability.  Its traditional C-shape neck is an easy fit for players of all sizes and styles.

We are beyond excited to bring you our second Reverend collaboration, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on one yourself!


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