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Slingerland Radio King Kit - White Marine Pearl - Used

Item ID: ISS5365C


Someone fell in love with this one right before you did! New stuff arrives everyday so check back often.

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This Slingerland Radio King Kit is in very good condition.

Amazing classic drum set. Because of the original oval badge, the drums were made somewhere between 1947-1950. Patina looks gorgeous on wrap and lugs. Shells born together and all drum hardware is original. No extra holes or funny business. Just like they were made. Original console mount for tom tom. Shells interiors are pristine. Even mufflers are still in excellent condition. Original calfskin heads on all drums.  So rare to find this!!!

Slingerland's Radio King drums were a truly innovative line that helped push drum kits into their modern forms. Special features on Radio King sets are now seen on every single drum set out there: “Separate tension toms,” - toms which have two tunable heads; two sets of tuning lugs on bass drums as opposed to just one set for both heads; and thick, flanged rims on every drum that won’t wear down. These are just a few luxuries that were leaps and bounds ahead of their time, and certainly were not standard at their time.

Material: mahogany shells


24” x 14” Radio King Bass Drum

16” x 16” Radio King Separate Tension Tom

9” x 13” Radio King Separate Tension Tom

Included accessories:

"Tom Tom Holder" (rack mount)

“Marvel Drum Stand” (snare stand)

“Epic High Life Sock Pedal” (High Hat Stand)

"Folding Base Tom Tom Stand" (floor tom tripod)

“2 bass drum mounted cymbal arms” 

“Original cases”

Drum set comes with a 1958 White Marine Pearl Radio King Student Model snare drum that came with the drum set from the owner. He used the 4 drums together since then. The mahogany shell with maple rings is stamped with the date inside. DEC30 1958. Interior looks like new. Also in Excellent condition.