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Snareweight Model #5 Brass


$ 89.00

In-Store Availability



Asbury Park:


Product Details

Similar to the #4, but will accept a wider range of insert accessories. Also, Snareweight has added a leather "extra grip" option for triple flange hoops. Just pull it out of the channel and over the magnet to read "EXTRA GRIP" and slide in into place. This will prevent the #5 from moving in tiny amounts over time with hard hitting drummers. All prior inserts from other Snareweight models will work exactly the same. As they say in computer land, it's backward compatible. The 3rd difference is the rustic brown leather Snareweight chose for the standard insert. It's a bit brighter sounding with a more cutting rim shot. Insert choice does make a difference and again, all older inserts work with the new #5.