Taylor Beacon Clip-On Digital Tuner and 5-Way Accessory

Rechargeable clip-on tuning accessory with onboard metronome, dual timers, and built-in flashlight. | Item ID: 1201

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  • Onboard metronome, dual timers, and built-in flashlight
  • Precise tuning with strobe and dot displays
  • TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD for high-visibility tuning
  • Adjustable reference pitch from 430–450Hz
  • Versatile metronome function with 12 pre-set time signatures
  • Timer/countdown clock
  • Compact and rechargeable for convenience
  • Rear-mounted flashlight


Tuning Type: Chromatic
Instrument: Guitar/Bass, Ukulele, Violin
Reference Pitch: A4 = 430-450Hz
Metronome: 12 time signatures, 30-208 bpm
Power Supply: Rechargable Battery

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