Teenage Engineering OB-4, Magic Radio Portable Stereo Speaker, Matte Black

Portable stereo with motorized "tape reel", 4" bass drivers, neodymium tweeters, and multiple input modes including an ever-evolving palette of experimental functions | Item ID: TE011AS002US

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  • High Fidelity Sound with Two Four-Inch Bass Drivers
  • Unique 'Disk' Mode for Ever-Evolving Experimentation
  • Rewindable Radio for a Time-Travelling Audio Experience
  • FM Radio With Manual, Preset, and Automatic Tuning
  • Bluetooth 5 Le And Line-in Input For Versatile Connectivity
  • Up To 72 Hours of Battery Life for Superb Portability
  • Intuitive User Interface for an Effortless User Experience
  • Sleek, Durable Casing with Integrated Handle and Antenna

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