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Walrus Audio Slotva Multi-Texture Reverb

Reverb pedal with three reverb modes, three pitch modulation modes, and preset functionality |

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Walrus Audio's Slotva is a multifaceted reverb with a familiar Walrus interface and a vast tonal palette to delve into. A variation on the Walrus Audio Slo, the Slotva adds additional functionality and colorful reverberated tones for a new Walrus experience. Three different reverb modes can be tapped into using a three-way toggle switch for ethereal effect experiences. With the "Dark" mode's lower octave effect, "Rise" mode's swell effect, and "Dream" mode's latching pad effect, the possibilities for boundless reverberated bliss are limitless. Additional effects on each mode affect modulation wave shape to give Slotva extra motion to harness. Three preset slots can be accessed by pressing and holding the Bypass and Sustain footswitches. With this function, dropping into a particular setting configuration on the fly is easy. Playing Slotva live with its Sustain function, multi-mode reverb palette, and preset accessibility offers many different effect avenues to take when crafting the next great spacey composition. Slotva is a ticket to incredible boundary-breaking astral expeditions.


Type: Reverb
Power Supply: 9 Volt DC Power Supply (Sold Separately)
Ins - Outs: 1 x 1/4" In - 1 x 1/4" Out