Heritage Guitars Brand Spotlight

225 Parsons Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan is home to an incredible legacy of musical history. The spot, first occupied by Orville Gibson and his mandolin factory in the late 1800s, bloomed into an epicenter of musical instrument innovation as electric guitars started rolling out in 1917. For nearly seventy years, 225 Parsons Street saw an evolution in electric guitars as we know them today. Orville's original shop eventually evolved into a larger operation with a world-famous name, and after decades of calling Kalamazoo home, the company moved to Nashville in 1984 to continue on their musical journey. Though the name left Kalamazoo, a few passionate artisans couldn't help but stay.

Heritage Guitars was founded in 1985 by several former employees looking to keep the tradition of crafting beautiful, high-quality guitars alive in Kalamazoo. The group purchased the factory space along with all its original equipment to continue doing what they did best - craft original, all-American instruments for passionate musicians. 1985 saw the debut of the first Heritage guitar at the NAMM show and now with an outstanding line of original guitars, Heritage Guitars stands among the most celebrated names in electric guitars today. Heritage Guitars still operates out of the original Kalamazoo factory space, producing their classics and cooking up new designs along the way.

Some of Heritage's fine instruments include three standout models: the H-535, H-530, and H-150. As semi-hollow, hollow, and solid body, respectively, Heritage incorporates classic specifications and modern appointments alike to craft their creations. Rosewood fingerboards and mahogany necks are staples of Heritage designs to ensure the playing experience cannot be beat. Along with excellent selections of woods, the electronics on Heritage instruments are cutting edge with Seymour Duncan pickups making appearances along with Heritage Guitars' own custom pickups. The iconic styles and indispensable sounds of Heritage Guitars make for show stopping instruments. Using high-quality materials and cutting-edge electronics, Heritage guitars remain classic, modern, and timeless all at once. The fine craftsmanship and hand-made touches of Heritage Guitars cannot be replicated and are sure to impress. With a discerning eye and plenty of care, Heritage Guitars carries on in their own tradition of making guitars with style and substance, personality and purpose. 

The Heritage Guitars story is one the team in Kalamazoo are excited to share for years to come.