Spector Bass Brand Spotlight

Spector Bass is a brand that knows a thing or two about standing out and breaking the mold – and it doesn't take long after seeing their pristine and cutting-edge bass guitars to come to such a conclusion.

The New York-based brand has made a name for themselves in the past couple decades for pushing limits and reinventing standards. The eye-catching body shapes, one of a kind pickup configurations, and high-quality materials all come together for definitively unique instruments.

Spector was founded on a philosophy of creating basses that separated themselves from the pack audibly and tangibly. In hand, a Spector bass feels unlike any other. Plugged in, they speak for themselves. This philosophy carried Spector through the decades, creating unique basses every step of the way. Still carrying on in the tradition, the Spector experience still feels brand new.

From their classic NS series to their international Euro series, Spector offers a wide range of musical trips to take. Take the NS Dimension Bass with its multi-scale design and Fishman-fashioned humbucking pickups or the Euro4 LT with its European alder body and Darkglass-designed active pre-amp to take on two completely different musical ventures. Incorporating some of the most cutting-edge technology and practices available today, there are few who can design a bass guitar the way Spector can. With international collaboration on technology, far-reaching sourcing of materials, and so many more exceptional features, each Spector bass is something to behold.

Founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1976 by Stuart Spector and Alan Charney, Spector Bass began in the Brooklyn Woodworker Co-op building. Initial sales of Spector's electric guitars and basses began at Gracin Music on 48th St in New York. With word spreading and excitement building around Spector's earliest productions, the first Spector NS bass guitar was created. Comfortably contoured and solidly constructed, the first NS-1 bass was completed in 1977 with its second incarnation, the NS-2, coming in 1979.

It did not take long for the musical world at home and abroad to take notice of Spector's groundbreaking NS basses. With a key connection between the New York name and a globally-influential band, Spector took flight. Sting, bassist of the famed rock band The Police, brought the Spector name around the world on the band's 1983 Synchronicity tour with a white NS-2. From North America to Europe to Australia, Spector traveled the world bringing its undeniable style and tone to thousands of concertgoers night after night. Spector has since been no stranger to the spotlight. Seen with acts such as Judas Priest, Quiet Riot, The Roots, and many more, Spector has seen its fair share of the world from just about any place you could think of.

Today, Spector basses are still proudly produced in New York. The brand is headquartered in Long Island and produces American-made instruments out of Woodstock. Still creating and innovating, Spector is a brand to keep an eye on even after all these years. Whether you want to jam with their NS series, Euro series, or Legend series, Spector is compatible with a wide range of players for a countless number of musical styles. Take a look at the Spector lineup and find your match – it won’t take long.

Outwardly unique and instantly captivating, Spector gives you the tools you need to tell your story.