NativeAudio Brand Spotlight

Founded with a love of engineering and reverence for the culture of Indigenous peoples, NativeAudio is a name that keys into music on a personal level.

For founder Mike Trombley, crafting effect pedals is bigger than a couple of circuits and switches. Trombley, a member of the Blackfeet Nation, works the identity of his heritage into each of his pedals. Blackfeet tribal heritage plays a large part in the production of NativeAudio effects, as, according to Trombley, the creative and inventive qualities of his Indigenous ancestors inspire him in his work. Each pedal is handmade and has Trombley's personal touch. Simply put, each pedal is one of a kind in sound and origin.

The NativeAudio lineup features five pedals, each with their own unique take on their effect. All five feature influence from Trombley's Blackfeet tribal heritage, from artwork to tone. Calm colors and Indigenous-inspired icons detail the pedals for a unique experience from first sight. No matter how you first encounter a NativeAudio creation, it's something to remember.

NativeAudio pedals give players deep but streamlined interfaces to create awesome effect tones. The beauty of these pedals is in the depth to which you can go in crafting your own unique sounds. Use the straightforward control schemes to summon a unique tone several times over and still have room to experiment. Creating deep, multi-faceted effect experiences is NativeAudio's specialty. Whether you're exploring the tones of the Ghost Ridge reverb or Kiaayo overdrive, these minimal yet powerful designs are effortlessly playable and inspirational to get on your own creative trail.

If you're looking for even deeper effect interactivity, three of NativeAudio's pedals share a dynamic design quality. The Rising Sun, Midnight, and Wilderness pedals all feature two effect configurations in a compact stompbox. These three pedals – tremolo, phaser, and delay – present one of the brand’s coolest features: the tap/ramp function. As with all time-based effects, you must set your speeds, and with NativeAudio's tap/ramp switch, interactivity with time increases exponentially and your sonic palette expands tenfold. The Rising Sun, Midnight, and Wilderness pedals all feature a tap tempo function which is easy to use and easy to customize with selectable division controls. On the other side of the switch, the ramp function encourages more direct interaction with effect speed as you set two speeds and ramp up and down between them. With the Midnight phaser, let your modulation run wild or with the Wilderness delay, warp and bend your delay trail to your heart's content. The wealth of tones you can get out of these pedals cannot be overstated – it's an effect experience to definitely try firsthand.

NativeAudio is a brand to jump in with and quickly get in tune with your own creativity. Mike Trombley's expressive and inventive lineup of effects is sure to find a match with anyone looking to expand their tonal palette. For the studio, for the road, they're ready for anything. Try NativeAudio for yourself and see where these pedals take you and you take them.