Vongon Effects Brand Spotlight

Vongon is a brand founded with a fondness for unique retro effects (and a knack for making them, too!)

The Oakland, California based operation is run by Ryan McGill, a real modern-day effect wiz with some tricks up his sleeve. Whether revisiting classic sounds or blazing new trails, Vongon is a name that dials in on unique effect experiences unlike any other.

The two pedals in the Vongon line, Ultrasheer and Paragraphs, are prime examples of pedals with classic effects taken on from completely different angles. These pedals are eye-catching under glass and awesomely inventive when hooked up. In either case, there's a lot to take in.

Vongon's Ultrasheer is a stereo reverb and vibrato pedal. Its walnut wood block construction and matte black aluminum faceplate are reminiscent of effect racks from the '70s, and wouldn't you know it, that's exactly Ultrasheer's specialty. Ultrasheer's 16-bit digital processing tonally harkens to early digital studio effects from the late 1970s. Following along in such a tradition, Ultrasheer's reverb and vibrato effects are awesomely lush and easily work into your sound. Ultrasheer has quite a bit of presence when it comes to its effects, so you can expect a fully realized '70s studio tonal experience that can create massive ambient soundscapes right off the bat. With a single guitar, the reverberated mountains you can make are staggering. Those spacey tones come with plenty of charming, modulated character, thanks to the expressive vibrato effect. Use the effects together or independently for a '70s-studio quality experience.

Vongon's Paragraphs makes filtering into a new kind of science. An analog four-pole resonant low pass filter pedal, Paragraphs lays itself out nicely for a deep yet intuitive effect experience. Paragraphs contains a replica of an AS3320 analog chip, the same kind used in famous synthesizers like the Sequential Prophet 5 and Elka Synthex. This analog circuitry makes for expressive filter sounds reminiscent of those vintage synths. Pair the chip with the envelope generator (one with a rarely seen wide range of frequencies) and you're set. The modulation capabilities of Paragraphs bring it to a new level for expressive waves and warbles, bleeps and bloops. Creating both warped vintage analog sounds and new pseudo-synthetic phrases has never been easier or more natural. Bringing out the absolute best of your signal with its vast tonal spectrum and versatile set of controls, Paragraphs makes a great companion for any spacey, ethereal journey.

Laidback and familiar yet groundbreaking and exciting, Vongon's approach to crafting new sounds is inspiring for players to get up and make music. Explore the finest details of classic reverb and modulation with Vongon – it's a musical trip you won't regret.