Fender Announces Fall 2021 Releases

For Fender's fall 2021, the iconic brand puts on a showcase of some groundbreaking musical developments that are sure to bring the hype. Taking inspiration from some less-than-conventional places, alternative music gets a day in the sun with some revived classics, modern-day trailblazers, and future-treading technology. These new additions to the Fender family are some unlike any seen before – readymade to kick some doors down and get yourself on your own dynamic musical path.

The Fender Kurt Cobain Jag-Stang

Thirty years post-Nevermind, the legendary grunge band Nirvana's presence is still highly influential on modern music. Kurt Cobain as a musician challenged many conventions, one particular being that of instrument choice. Fender's original collaboration with Cobain for a Mustang and Jaguar hybrid sees the light of day yet again in this 2021 release. The Kurt Cobain Jag-Stang is designed with a truly unique mashup of Fender features including a one-of-a-kind offset alder body, a pickup configuration with Fender custom-designed single-coil and humbucker pickups, and a Mustang Floating bridge. All these unconventional specifications add up to a completely faithful re-creation of an iconic alternative instrument.

The Fender Cory Wong Stratocaster

A modern-day funk master, Cory Wong made a name for himself as part of the band Vulfpeck as well as a solo artist – all while holding a Fender Stratocaster in hand. This collaboration celebrates a distinct technique of guitar playing that Wong is famous for, a funky rhythm-lead guitar mix style that really lets Fender's single-coils shine. The close collaboration between Wong and Fender makes for a truly unique Stratocaster with a distinct setup. All of Wong's particular Strat preferences have made it onto this model including a smaller-scaled alder body and a larger-scaled Stratocaster headstock. In addition to the unconventional proportions of the Strat, Fender's American Ultra rolled fingerboard edges make an appearance alongside a trio of custom Seymour Duncan single-coil pickups made for clarity and a snappy tone. A Greasebucket tone circuit and a custom push/push pickup control scheme top off this Strat for squeaky clean leads for the modern-day funk guru.

The Fender J Mascis Telecaster

Though most frequently spotted with a Jazzmaster, legendary Dinosaur Jr. guitarist J Mascis owes much of his famous fuzzy guitar tones to the Telecaster. Designed in collaboration with the alt-rock icon, this custom Telecaster is based off of Mascis' 1958 top-loader Tele that was used on songs like "Feel the Pain" and "Start Choppin'". Two custom Telecaster single-coil pickups bring the heat to blaze through Dinosaur Jr. licks and solos while the unique top-loader bridge allows for lower string tension and a looser feel in hand. This '50s Tele brought to life again by Mascis and Fender is an effortlessly cool alternative rock artifact that lives to play another day.

The Fender Primal Scream Screamadelica Stratocaster

Scotland's Primal Scream took on alternative music in the '90s with an enormous mix of styles that spanned indie rock, psychedelia, and dance music. Their 1991 album Screamadelica celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in 2021, and in commemoration, Fender brings its vintage guitar tones to life. This never-before-seen Stratocaster features vintage-voiced single-coil pickups, a Modern "C"-shaped maple neck, and the bold centerpiece, a full-body-covering Screamadelica album art graphic. Combining modern playability with the unconventional and vintage-inspired tones of Primal Scream, this Strat makes Screamadelica sound brand new with every play.

The Fender Dual Marine Layer Reverb and Duel Pugilist Distortion

Those guitars aren't the only things getting love this time around. Fender's effect pedal lineup grows with two awesomely dynamic upgrades. The popular Marine Layer Reverb and Pugilist Distortion are both treated to double-stacked circuits that allow players to interact with classic Fender effects in new ways. The Marine Layer features two reverb circuits that can be swapped on the fly for interesting reverberated sequences. This function, combined with three reverb types and a Sustain control, makes the Marine Layer a cool, interactive pedal. Alongside its reverb sibling, Fender's Duel Pugilist features two independent distortion circuits that can be used one at a time or melded together with the dedicated Blend knob. The force that the Duel Pugilist kicks out paired with its tonal nuance makes for an awesome distortion pedal for any scenario. These upgraded Fender pedals bring the goods for players looking for new takes on classic effects.

The Fender Tone Master Super Reverb

Fender's Tone Master amplifier series has brought many iconic Fender amp sounds together to be experienced in new ways. The Tone Master series, a collection of tubeless amps featuring the latest and greatest in digital modeling amplifier technology, adds a new model with the Fender Super Reverb. This amp comes equipped with four ten-inch Jensen speakers, a wattage output control switch to pick your perfect output power, normal and vibrato channels, and a dedicated XLR line output with IR cabinet simulations. The Super Reverb is lighter than a traditional model, weighing thirty-six pounds, making it easy to transport. Altogether, Fender's Tone Master series brings out the best of vintage tones for the modern player, and with new models being added to the line, there really isn't another series like it.

These newest releases present exciting new developments in the Fender musical world. With constant innovation as a priority, Fender's latest round of creations brings out the best in technology to bring out the best in players. It's a roundup of instruments you'll have to see for yourself!