Squier Releases Paranormal Series Guitars

The truth can be stranger than fiction

Our classics are classics for good reason, though for every Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster, there’s an unknown number of experiments that never saw the light of day. As bleak as that sounds, we like to keep on the bright side around here, so what better way to celebrate the experimental than with Squier’s Paranormal Series?

With this series of models, Squier brings to life the sights and sounds that make us do a double take. Reverse-offsets? Custom humbuckers? What kind of science fiction is this? Familiar or not, each Paranormal model brings together some awesome Fender ideas for guitars that stray from the beaten path. Squier’s series brings out the best for these models, and with a wide selection to choose from, your Paranormal experience is sure to feel like you took the wrong turn at Albuquerque in the very best way.

The Squier Paranormal Cyclone

The unconventional options the Paranormal Series presents you with may be slightly head-spinning, but it’s all in the name of science! Take the Cyclone, for example. The Cyclone combines the components of three Fender classics into one guitar. A classic Fender Mustang body is loaded with a Stratocaster tremolo bridge and a Jaguar electronics switching system. This compact music maker provides players with just about everything they could ask for when it comes to having the best of multiple worlds in one place. Play the Cyclone in just about any way you would any traditional Fender and you’ll find yourself in on an authentic experience with three classics in one.

The Squier Paranormal Jazz Bass ‘54

When the ‘50s came calling with a vintage-inspired bass guitar design, Squier had no choice but to answer. Squier’s Paranormal 1954 Jazz Bass model features J Bass style body and a ‘50s style pickguard that are reminiscent of the Precision basses we know today. This Jazz Bass features all the great playability that made the original models famous with a “C”-shaped maple neck and all the tone needed for a classic Fender experience. Roll between punchy and laidback tones with stacked concentric control knobs that bring the best out of any bass player. That classic Fender quality that lets yourself play the way you want to play is definitely present with this vintage-inspired model. It doesn’t get more classic than the original.

The Squier Paranormal Offset Telecaster

If you’re looking for a quite literal take on the phrase “mashup,” then you’ve found it in the Paranormal Offset Telecaster . This model brings together two Fender classics in loving matrimony, a single-coil match made in heaven, if you will. A Jazzmaster offset body and Telecaster electronics configuration combine in a seamlessly playable package for fans of either instrument. The Offset Telecaster’s string-through-body bridge and gloss neck finish make it sleek for players to lay down their riffs and lead lines in style for a heavenly kind of combo.

The Squier Paranormal Super-Sonic

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction and players of the Squier Super-Sonic can certainly attest to that fact. The reverse-offset body shape of this shorter-scaled wonder is immediately captivating for fans of the unconventional. Not only does the Super-Sonic stand out with its boggling body but with its tonal output. Two Squier Atomic humbucking pickups give this nontraditional treasure some kick to cut through mixes and make itself known. Visually, the Super-Sonic makes you look twice. Tonally, it keeps you from looking away.

The Squier Paranormal Toronado

The Toronado was originally introduced by Fender in 1998 as a new style of offset guitar. Today’s Toronado brings the unique offset experience back for modern players to take for a spin. Squier’s Atomic humbucking pickups and slim “C”-shaped neck make the Toronado an effortlessly playable guitar that deviates from classic offset formulas. Plug the Toronado in and chug through your favorite humbucking riffs while remaining solidly in tune with a string-through-body bridge. These stylish offsets deserve every bit of your attention if you’re in the mood for a Fender rarity and a Paranormal standout.

The Squier Paranormal Cabronita Telecaster Thinline

Thinline Telecasters are offbeat classics of the Fender family, and with this one, that awesome legacy lives on. Since its introduction in the 1950s, the Fender Telecaster amassed its legendary status and great legacy through its time-honored standard features like twangy single-coil pickups. This model takes the Telecaster formula for a spin with the introduction of two Fender-designed alnico Jazzmaster single-coil pickups. These pickups come together with the Cabronita's thinline semi-hollow body to produce a single-coil sound rarely heard from traditional Jazzmasters and Telecasters. Take this Tele out for a night onstage and hear the single-coil sound bloom in ways you likely won’t find elsewhere.

Your New Favorite Fender

The Squier Paranormal series exists to give us that extra kick of unconventional we can all use. As you pick up a Paranormal Series guitar, you’ve likely found yourself in a spot you’ve never been in before. Fear not, because that classic Fender and Squier playability and tone are sure to grab you and take you on your next musical venture, wherever you’re looking to go.

Maybe in some alternate dimension our Strats and Teles are the odd ones out and these models reign supreme. Since the technology doesn’t exist to find out, all we can do is speculate. Maybe someday we’ll see the other side of the Fender time space continuum, but until that day comes, Squier has us covered.