Save Our Stages Act Passed

After months of congressional deliberation, we are excited to report that the Save Our Stages Act has been passed.

Originally founded in 2020, Save Our Stages is a national campaign led by NIVA, the National Independent Venue Association, with the intent to earn congressional financial support for independent venues struggling to fully operate with mandated restrictions in response to COVID-19. Now functioning under a new name, the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant Program, the Save Our Stages Act has been passed by Congress to implement financial aid to these independent venues across the country. The approval of the Act is exciting and inspiring. With so many coming out to push for this legislation to save their local venues, the support for live music and its future at this critical moment has been recognized.

The grant program will be administered by the Small Business Association and will be led by the Implementation Task Force assembled by NIVA. After the Small Business Association writes regulations to administer the Save Our Stages program funds, initial grant applications will be accepted for independent venue owners and organizers. Theatrical producers, motion picture theater operators, and non-profit museums will also be eligible for relief by the program. In addition, NIVA has signed an open letter to President Joe Biden offering to assist in COVID vaccine distribution utilizing their physical resources along with patron and crowd management.

The approval of this act and grant program is a massive accomplishment for musicians, organizers, and fans across the country. This news is encouraging as we at Russo Music, alongside enthusiastic supporters nationwide, cannot wait to see doors open and stages lit for our vibrant musical communities to come alive once again.

We would like to thank everyone who wrote their congressional representatives, spread the word on social media, and supported this important cause.

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