Gibson Announces Bozeman Factory Expansion

With more people than ever becoming passionate about playing guitar, Gibson found itself in a strange position. They couldn’t keep up with demand. That is why it is exciting to announce that Gibson Guitars has broken ground on a massive expansion to their Bozeman, Montana acoustic guitar factory.

The Bozeman factory, home to the Gibson Acoustic line, has been a staple in the guitar world since its doors opened in 1989. In recent times, speculation had swirled about whether the famed factory would continue this heritage, especially after the effects of the pandemic gripped the industry. This latest development not only solidifies its position, but the ambition plan also seeks to make the Bozeman facility one of the largest and most advanced guitar building operation in the world. This is being accomplished by nearly doubling the available space from 25,000 to a massive 48,000 square feet while also creating a destination-worthy showroom, along with some employee centric improvements to the layout. JC Curleigh, president and CEO of Gibson, while speaking of the new facility boasted that the expanded facility will be “the most amazing guitar facility in the world.”

The finished product is likely about a year away but when finished, it will include a state of the art factory floor, a new public showroom and a Custom Shop, which will display some of Gibson’s greatest achievements and historical pieces. All in all, the announcement sends a resounding message that many guitarists around the world already knew; the guitar is here to stay.

For those who love Gibson Acoustics, this expansion will not only make your favorite models more readily available, but Gibson says it will allow them to add over 100 craftsmen and craftswomen to the staff and spend more time on innovation as well as custom built models. Whether you are in the neighborhood or looking for a trip, the new Gibson Bozeman facility will surely be a must-see stop.

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