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You might be asking yourself why you don't see any new Gibson Guitars on our website. Well the answer is simple, while we are a fully authorized full line dealer of all Gibson Guitars as well as an authorized warranty service center, we are not one of the few internet dealers for the brand. However, we assure you that we probably have the one you want, or can get it for you. How about we help you build the custom Gibson of your dreams? So give us a call, drop on by, shoot us an email or fill out this request form right here and let us show off what Gibson nerds we are!

Russo Music is a proud full-line independent Gibson Guitar Dealership

Gibson Acoustic Five-Star Dealer

From the L-00 to the J-200 and tons you've never seen!

Gibson Memphis Dealer

Let's get classy with a nice Electric Spanish eh?!

Gibson Custom Shop Dealer

Gibson's finest custom and reissue creations.  

Gibson USA

From limited Juniors to the iconic standard, the 2018 USA line is refined and ready to go.


From Les Paul to Hummingbird to Broadway, Epiphone offers some of the best values in the guitar universe.

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