Walrus Audio Releases Canvas Series D.I. Boxes

Keeping your unique sound intact in live performance and studio recording scenarios can cause real frustration. After striking your perfect balance with all your gear assembled, organized, and ready to be heard, the headaches of achieving that same sound onstage or on a record might start coming on.

Luckily, with a couple of new devices from Walrus Audio, those headaches can be remedied.

The Canvas Series Mono and Stereo Line Isolator / D.I.s are the product of Walrus Audio's dedication to making your total sound clear and cohesive onstage or in the studio. These two simple black devices feature selectable D.I. (Direct Injection) and line isolating functions to convert ¼" unbalanced inputs to XLR balanced outputs. Click one button to swap between the functions and you're off to the races, whether dealing with high or low impedance sources.

With the Canvas Series Line Isolator/ D.I.s, the translation from unbalanced to balanced audio output can make a world of difference in live performance and recording. Balanced audio will retain higher fidelity, sound quality, volume, and tonal character versus unbalanced audio.

In a live performance setting, the number of cables and devices your sound will travel through on its way to the front-of-house mixing board can affect the sound you intend to produce from your rig. These changes can include loss in volume or unintended distortion in your output signal, for instance. A device like the Canvas Series Line Isolator / D.I. can prevent such effects. For a recording scenario, the same set of rules applies – a balanced XLR out will ensure tonal clarity and nuance are retained while being transmitted into an interface. The Canvas Series Line Isolator / D.I.s are designed to keep you sounding like you whether on the stage or the studio.

The kicker behind these Line Isolator / D.I.s is their custom-wound independent transformers – in the Canvas Mono, there is one transformer for D.I. and another for the line isolator. In the Canvas Stereo, there are two for the D.I. and two for the line isolator. Sourced and designed for low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion), the outputs will receive full frequency response, even though the signal is traveling through another piece of gear to its next destination.

Walrus Audio's Canvas Mono and Stereo Line Isolators / D.I.s deliver flat frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz. In addition, each version features a Pad function for reducing the harshness of high-output instruments, a Sum function to send two inputs to a single output, and a Ground Lift function to lessen unwanted hum. All additional functions can be switched on and off with dedicated buttons.

When deciding between D.I. and line isolating, check the manufacturer's specifications of the gear you are looking to use. High impedance outputs – anything above 1k – should be used with the D.I. function where low impedance – anything below 1k – should be used with the Line Isolator. Both versions of these devices are passive, so they will not cause damage if connected improperly.

Quick, easy, and highly effective, Walrus Audio's first Canvas Series devices are tools that artists may soon find essential for performance and recording.

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