Teenage Engineering Releases New TX-6 Mixer

From the brilliant masterminds at Teenage Engineering, a new pocket-sized device comes to life.

The Teenage Engineering TX-6 is a handheld mixer and audio interface with incredible processing power and more than a few tricks up its sleeve. This six-channel stereo, twelve-channel mono mixer is designed with the traveling musician in mind. Fitting in the palm of your hand, Teenage Engineering’s trademark “more than meets the eye” style comes alive. Minimalist aesthetic design makes way for the TX-6's unprecedented mixing abilities for an ultimately incredible handheld device.

With six 3.5-millimeter audio inputs that can be individually configured as mono, stereo, or split, the connectivity capabilities of the TX-6 are staggering. The six physical inputs can be mixed and matched with up to twelve mono sources, making arrangement of multiple audio inputs easy. The TX-6 is compatible with a wide range of audio inputs including Teenage Engineering devices like the OP-1 and OP-Z as well as microphones and live instruments. Guitars and synthesizers can be integrated into the TX-6's workspace for capturing every aspect of your unique setup. Connections are not only plentiful, but infinitely useful. With the TX-6, you can record live music to your phone, mix recordings on the go for live performance, and seamlessly record to your favorite DAW via a USB-C output. Connection functionality also extends to the TX-6's outputs that can be connected to headphones, studio monitors, and PA speakers, among others.

The TX-6 works to empower musicians looking to capture and mix music wherever they may find it. Along with the stereo and mono channels, the TX-6 comes fitted with an onboard equalizer, compressor, aux send, and with digital filters and effects. The TX-6 does more than pocket-size mixing, however. A built-in sound generator with four waveforms and four drum machines enables the TX-6 to create music on its own. Via an onboard synthesizer mode, each channel on the TX-6 becomes a sound generator to tinker and tweak to your heart’s content. The TX-6 also aids in your own music making. A built-in instrument tuner, auxiliary out that can double as a second output, and internal memory slots for recalling your favorite settings and effects are all also on board for an extensively deep set of functions.

With the TX-6, musicians of any kind can produce their own music seamlessly in the palm of their hand. The TX-6 also features iOS connectivity with MFi, making it iPhone and iPad compatible. A rechargeable battery and durable aluminum casing with a synthetic leather back bring this mixer all together and make it ready for anything. The TX-6 is topped off with five LED lights that alert to signal clipping, customizable knob schemes, and internal effects such as reverb, chorus, delay, tremolo, and distortion, among others.

For the musician seeking to capture the world around them without being bound to a physical studio, the TX-6 introduces an outstanding option to carry on in that pursuit.

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