Believable Audio 29 Pedals JFET Boost Pedal Review

Believable Audio 29 Pedals JFET: An Unbelievable Innovation

In the realm of audio innovation, Believable Audio has carved out a unique niche, consistently delivering gear that marries the needs of professional precision with the desires of player passion. Their latest offering, the JFET boost, channels the timeless power of the beloved JFET transistor into a deceptively simple-looking pedal that conceals much more than it appears to.  

What’s Inside?

At the heart of the JFET are three distinct modes, accessible via the convenient top switch:

  1. N Mode (Normal Mode): This mode places your tone in the sweet spot of frequency response, akin to a treble boost, but with a unique twist that sets it apart. It offers a nuanced, almost ethereal quality to your tone. 
  2. F Mode (Full Mode): Looking for a bit more substance and weight to your notes? F Mode has got you covered. It adds that extra touch of heft to your tone, perfect for those moments when you need to speak up. 
  3. X Mode (Extended Mode): In X Mode, the circuit expands its frequency response to below 10Hz, providing an incredible sensation of weight without resorting to harsh additive EQ. The extended frequency response also tightens the phase, delivering a rock-solid feel.

“L for the Win”:

The JFET also offers unparalleled control with the 'L' control knob:

L Control Knob (Level Control): This fader sits after the boost circuit, and before the output driver, allowing you to set the level exactly how you see fit. The gain of the first stage is also fixed, ensuring that both your hairdo and your tone stay put across the entire range. With JFET, you can enjoy around 19dB of gain, making it a versatile and helpful tool on your board.

Moreover, the JFET pedal boasts high headroom and can drive even heavy loads, making it equally at home whether it's positioned at the beginning or end of your board. The relay-based switching mechanism ensures silent transitions between modes, and instant bypass kicks in whenever power is removed, so don’t worry about kicking out your IEC.

Shall We Give It A Try?

This pedal's got character and a unique voicing that plays well with various pickup types. You know the warmth, richness, and versatility of a Gibson 335's Humbucking pickups? Pair those with the JFET, and you're in for some seriously amazing results.

N Position: Amp breakup without sacrificing that sweet guitar tone - no over-the-top compression here!

F Position: Adds a specific touch of fullness, amping up the low-mid character that humbuckers are famous for.

X Position: Weighty vibes without messing with the EQ, still giving you that solid, empowering feel of playing a 335.

Now, let's talk Stratocasters - those single-coil pickups are just as versatile as the 335’s. Pairing them with the 29 Pedals FLWR (*LINK PRODUCT) brought out some killer tones. Playing around, the FLWR's gain and level settings were both at around 9 o'clock, left fader halfway, middle fader at about 20%, and right fader cranked to 90% for a dash of color to the boosted JFET tone.

N Position: A touch more grit, injecting a rocking dynamic for some added assertion.

F Position: With this specific guitar and the FLWR, the F Position adds a lofty effect, throwing in a color not usually heard in a Strat's sound.

X Position: More noticeable than with the 335, a pleasing effect that hits just right.

And guess what? This pedal isn’t just for guitars. Tried it with a Fender Precision bass, and it delivered.

N Position: Sass injection to a bass tone that needs to cut through without feeling unruly.

F Position: For an already full, low-end-heavy bass tone, the F setting adds an interesting layer of grit and drive by pushing the amp a bit more.

X Position: Studio bassists, rejoice! This setting tackles the challenge of dialing in the low end, maintaining the desired bass qualities while ditching some of those tricky, super low frequencies.

Final Thoughts:

With its three distinctive modes, precise level control, and incredible versatility, JFET is a pedal that can shape your sound into what you’re looking for. Whether you're seeking subtle enhancements or a complete overhaul, the JFET delivers, and then some. 

For a company whose pedals have almost nothing but a few knobs and letters on them, you sure can get a lot out of them. Believable's JFET boost pedal may appear simple with its minimal knobs and lettering, but it's anything but ordinary. It’s for players who aren’t into using any old boost and really want to dial in the perfection. It was designed by gear lovers, for gear lovers- and its design is just what makes it unique.