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Believable Audio is a small boutique company renowned for crafting niche effects pedals and gear that perform specific, above and beyond functions. Headquartered in California, Believable Audio design and manufacture effects pedals under the Moniker  29 Pedals, build custom equipment, repair and restore vintage equipment, and provide engineering services and resources for audio engineers and DIY enthusiasts. When the company introduced 29 Pedals, a pedal collection named after a sleepy ranch along Route 29, we were intrigued. This collection features a handful of distinctive pedals that we believe are truly worth exploring.

Among these pedals, such as JFET, EUNA, OAMP, and FLWR, you can anticipate a diverse range of tonal adventures. Whether you prefer straightforward boosts and drives or output amplifier pedals, 29 Pedals are designed for an effortlessly user-friendly experience that yields astonishing results. 

Created by enthusiasts for metalheads, pedalheads, or anyone in between, Believable Audio offers some truly unbelievable gear.

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