Boss WAZA-AIR Review

To join the ranks of amplifier modeling and personal amplification technology, BOSS has submitted a new device to capture a never before seen personal amplifier experience.

The BOSS Waza-Air is a wireless guitar headphone amplification system made to bring the full experience of practice and performance directly into the ears of any player. Utilizing only a wireless plug-in device and a pair of specially designed headphones, BOSS introduces players to a new world of personal electric guitar amplification. Housed within the headphone set, a stunning and dynamic experience is ensured.

With the BOSS Waza-Air, a personal amplification system has effectively been redefined. At its most basic, the Waza-Air functions as a wireless, over-ear sound system. After syncing an electric guitar with the headphones through a wireless device that plugs directly into any guitar output jack, BOSS brings a personal amplification experience to any player. Guitar tones captured clearly and accurately translate to the player through the headphones. The seamless experience of guitar to headphones is impressive on its own, though through new BOSS spatial technology, the Waza-Air goes even further.

Boss WAZA-AIR Headphones

Boss Spatial Technology

Introducing BOSS spatial technology and gyro sensor into the fray, wireless control via a smartphone allows players to simulate not only the tones and effects on the simulated amplifier, but also its location. One of the most impressive features of the BOSS Waza-Air is the function to change the location of a simulated amplifier relative to the player. With a simple adjustment via the BOSS Tone Studio app, players can change the position from where the simulated amp would be placed in a 360-degree space around the player.

The gyro sensor within the headset also responds accurately to the position of the player. In "Static" mode, if the player turns their head, the simulated amplifier will respond accordingly with changes in output in either headphone. The Waza-Craft effectively generates a simulated amplifier that produces an experience strikingly close to a physical amplifier all within the confines of the wireless headphones.

Boss WAZA-AIR Bluetooth Headphones

Fully immersed from your bedroom

The BOSS Waza-Air also features seamless Bluetooth connectivity and music streaming. With this, players can play along to music tracks streamed directly to the Waza-Air. An impressive add-on to this feature is the "Stage" mode on the Waza-Air app, where a simulated live band can play along with the player through Bluetooth streamed backing tracks. Along with access to a wide array of BOSS effects and five amplifier types within the Bone Tone Studio app, the Waza-Air allows personalization and customization of the amplifiers being created.

The BOSS Waza-Air is an exciting development in modern amplification technology. With a personal and interactive experience in store, the Waza-Air hints at a bright future for solo music making.

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