Fender American Ultra Review

In a discussion of the most influential and iconic guitars ever produced, including Fender goes without saying. There is no prerequisite for Fender's involvement in such a discussion. Fender instruments have won the world over many times, exemplified by a passionate following that is constantly growing. The excitement garnered around every Fender release is well earned, and with the American Ultra Guitars, Fender introduces another development that is sure to carry on in the tradition.

Fender's ability to predict and plot out the future of electric guitars is remarkable. With designs that are all at once classic, modern, and futuristic, Fender's designs have become timeless. Always a trailblazer in innovation, Fender Guitars return to some of their time-honored classics with the American Ultra series. A celebration of ingenuity and design of the highest quality, the American Ultra returns to the point of origin in a handful of iconic instruments to accentuate and refine the winning qualities that make an instrument definitively Fender.

American Ultra’s New Shape

Among the greatest priorities in electric guitar design is the feeling at first touch. Iconic body shapes aside, Fender American Ultra series instruments are exceptionally comfortable in hand. The unique “Modern D” neck profile of the American Ultra series allows quick travel up and down the Ultra rolled fingerboard, whether it be maple or rosewood. The firm neck profile is paired with a new contoured body with a tapered heel to enhance access to higher frets and encourage players to fearlessly explore the entirety of the instrument to achieve a fulfilling playing experience. Playability and streamlined design in the American Ultra series is unmatched. From the instantly recognizable double cutaway Stratocaster profile to the classic offset profile of the Jazzmaster, the American Ultra series models are as eye-catching as ever.

The Ultra Noiseless Sound

Fans of iconic Fender tones need not worry about any experimental trials or grand departures in the American Ultra series. New Ultra Noiseless Vintage pickups are a dynamic new development in Fender’s tonal territory. The responsive, high-output Ultra Noiseless Vintage pickups produce impressive tone and volume for unique, easily sculpted Fender tones. Classic single-coil snap is present across the entire series for clear and crisp clean tones, making an excellent canvas to color with effects. The clarity of the Ultra Noiseless Vintage pickups is striking as no unwanted hum gets in the way of classic Fender tones.

Further advancements in technology are present across the series. The Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Jazzmaster models all feature an S-1 switch to engage a new pickup configuration unique to each model.

  • The American Ultra Stratocaster HSS: Incorporate the Ultra Double Tap humbucking pickup that can be split to produce single coil snap
  • The American Ultra Stratocaster SSS: Add the neck pickup into any pickup configuration
  • The American Ultra Telecaster: Select between series and parallel wiring
  • The American Ultra Jazzmaster: Override the pickup selector to engage both pickups in series

Along with unique circuitry in each model, the American Ultra electric guitars feature a treble bleed circuit to allow players to lower volume to keep the tone from become dull or muddied.

While the American Ultra basses do not feature an S-1 switch, the American Ultra Precision and Jazz Basses feature redesigned active and passive preamps for deeper customization in bass tones.

Fender Style

Down to the last detail, the American Ultra series is a meticulously crafted set of instruments. The smaller features and appointments of the series include locking tuning machines for tuning accuracy and stability, chrome hardware, and a bone nut. A wide selection of colors makes the American Ultra series an aesthetically impressive assortment of guitars. Deep blues, gleaming whites, and mocha burst finishes all capture the dynamic characteristics of each model. On stage or in a personal collection, the American Ultra series is sure to stand out.

Fender’s influence on electric guitar design is undeniable. Always in the business of taking the next big leap, blazing trails, and setting trends, Fender is a company never satisfied to rest on their laurels. If the Fender fans of the world have any question about the drive of the company to innovate, then let the American Ultra series be the answer.