Surfy Blossom Point Amp Simulator Review

Surfy Industries has taken a liking to creating faithful representations of classic sounds. That is why their reverbs are second to none when it comes to real spring reverbs. This is what makes the Surfy Blossom Point so exciting.

The Fender brownface era only lasted a couple of years in the late 50’s/early 60s, but it produced some amazing new amp features and a lasting tonal impression that continues to be extremely sought after. Like anything in limited quantity, vintage and coveted, the original amps are often prohibitively expensive. For most, owning a piece of tonal history is not in the budget.

This dilemma is what led the team at Surfy to produce the Blossom Point, an amp simulation pedal meticulously engineered to emulate the golden age of Fender Brownface amps. They managed this by recreating a brownface sound at the peak of tube saturation, giving the Blossom Point a warmth and broad sustain that breathes life into any amp, tube or solid-state. The Blossom Point can really be considered an enhancer, adding a simulated tube saturation into any rig to give a more natural vintage tube feel.

The Blossom Point includes a presence circuit, a staple of the Fender Brownface originals, allowing for complete control of the glassy brilliance it's known for. It also has an attenuation control, allowing you to dial in the input signal that best matches the compression stage the pedal is recreating. This is a great feature for dialing in the input gain when switching between guitars with varying pickup hotness. Then there is the presence knob, instantly recognizable on the original Fender amps. With the presence knob on the Blossom Point, you can hit the high and mid-range to open up the sound, giving it that classic shimmer and remove the muddiness that can sometimes drown your tone.

The Surfy Blossom Point is a great way to get your hands on a quintessential tone that can be used to enhance any amplifier in your arsenal. It’s responsive and surprisingly warm, giving the tube effect in a way that, with eyes closed, it would be hard to tell wasn’t coming from a vintage tube masterpiece. In a time when more and more emphasis is being put on mobility, home studios and noise conscious at-home playing, the Blossom Point is hard to beat. An original amp can run thousands of dollars, and often need upgrades and repairs. With the Blossom Point, utilize that unmatched tube warmth in endless ways.