Epiphone USA Texan Review

The homegrown tones of an American classic have come home.

On the stage of the Ed Sullivan Show in 1965, Paul McCartney picked up an Epiphone Texan strung left-handed and sang "Yesterday" to an ecstatic audience in the studio and across the globe. Originally recorded on a Texan, the song treated listeners from around the world to the sweet sounds of an authentic American-made musical instrument.

A Texan in Bozeman, Montana

After decades of international import production, the Epiphone Texan has returned to the United States, handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana by expert Gibson luthiers.

Epiphone welcomes the Texan back with open arms. Part of the Epiphone Original Collection, the Texan receives its revival in a series that celebrates the legacy of iconic American-made instruments. As bold and outstanding as the models before it, today's Texan is made with the same quality and care as the original from the 1950s. The Texan's history dates back to 1958 where it was introduced while sharing space in the original Gibson factories in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Now constructed in the same Montana factory that produces all Gibson acoustic guitars, the Texan has found a home alongside Gibson guitars as it had decades ago.

The quality construction of the Texan alone is marvelous as the larger, full-bodied construction seems to stand a mile high and casts an impressive shadow. A sloped shoulder body shape is similar to the Gibson J-45 for a feel in hand that is familiar to fans of Gibson's classic models. The full form held close in the arms of players prepares them for a striking soundscape. The body is composed of a quality Sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides that ring out with warm and resonant acoustic tones. A Round D-shaped mahogany neck is silky to encourage players to explore the length of the long-scaled Indian rosewood fingerboard, reaching clear highs and deep lows. A rich voice and plenty of volume can make the Texan sing like a choir or mosey along like a toe-tapping country quartet. Upon picking up the Texan and giving it a couple strums, the full tonal experience is present as the Texan blooms with a room-filling voice.

Featuring classic specifications, the Texan is constructed with traditional hand-scalloped X-bracing for time-honored inner architecture. Epiphone goes further with creating an authentic experience down to the last detail. An authentic bone saddle and nut ensures precision in tuning and solid intonation while mother-of-pearl inlays and Grover Cream Button tuning machines top off the Texan's smallest specifications. Along with a wealth of fine acoustic features, an LR Baggs VTC electronics system captures the Texan's legendary tones on stage or in the studio.

Epiphone's Most Welcomed Return

The revival of this American classic is a testament to the passion and expertise Gibson luthiers bring to each instrument. After a couple of decades abroad, the Epiphone Texan is sure to receive a warm welcome from Epiphone players across the nation. The return of the Texan is a call for celebration as fans of classic American instruments can now experience a piece of American musical history.

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