Bowman Audio Endeavors Satan's Fingers Review

The devil will find work for idle hands to do

It’s no secret that the minds at Bowman Audio Endeavors are keen on crafting effortlessly playable new effects for the modern player. Whether on the hunt for boosted tonal riches with the Fortune and Glory or a mythical transparent overdrive with their namesake Bowman pedal, Bowman’s creations truly shine. While the triumphant and glorious tones Bowman has made a name for quickly became fan favorites, Bowman’s craftiness was at work yet again – only this time in the shadows.

A Familiar Fuzzy Face

The Bowman Audio Endeavors Satan’s Fingers is a unique pedal, not only from the Bowman family but also from modern fuzzes in general. Satan’s Fingers is a silicon transistor fuzz pedal designed with influence from your favorite “smiley”-style fuzzes of the past. Where the first silicon transistor fuzz pedals were built to be more reliable and tonally stable than their germanium transistor predecessors, Satan’s Fingers takes the classic silicon fuzz formula and recontextualizes it for players of today – whether they are fans of classic or modern silicon fuzzes.

Mixing and Melding

Satan’s Fingers wastes no time in getting into the dark silicon fuzz it has in store. With a lone footswitch and two knobs, Satan’s Fingers lays it out plainly. Engage Satan’s Fingers with the controls at any position and the sharp, sputtering fuzz will be ready for you. Exploring the dials, the Volume and Fuzz controls make the effect easy to dial in and operate while being highly interactive with one another. Satan’s Fingers inspires some experimentation as the configuration of the two dials make for highly flexible and versatile silicon fuzz tones.

Volume and Fuzz work in tandem to deliver a deeper experience than might meet the eye. Roll down on the Fuzz knob to spark up some crackling distorted undercurrents while picking through some of your favorite fuzzy licks. The slight fizzy breakup you’ll find lower on the Fuzz knob will give your cleans some warm character as you start to ramp up.

Higher up on the Fuzz knob, the distinct silicon fuzz tone starts to come alive. Satan’s Fingers at mid Volume and Fuzz settings will bloom with sweet and sharp fuzziness. This is the point where chords and resonate notes become even more lively in their distorted character. Interactions between sustaining notes will give Satan’s Fingers some real kick and flourish. Letting notes and chords ring out with ripping resonance is infinitely infatuating.

Maxing out the Fuzz and Volume controls will let the deathly fuzziness of Satan’s Fingers truly blossom. Whether you’re using reverb and delay effects to carry this maximized distortion as far as it can go for shoegazing ambience or just letting leads and solos rip with a hot spitfire flame, Satan’s Fingers works wonders. At any point on the dial, Satan’s Fingers allows for great mixing and melding. In addition to its tonal character, Satan’s Fingers is highly responsive to your picking and playing patterns, so expect some surprising sweet spots as you rock along with it. It makes for exciting tonal detours with every pick.

Bowman Audio Endeavors Satan’s Fingers Final Thoughts

With this addition to the Bowman Audio Endeavors lineup, fans of no-frills fuzzes have a new pedal to look out for. The dark chassis and lettering quickly catch the eye and speak volumes about the tones hidden underneath the footswitch. Bowman Audio’s expertise in straightforward setups and maximized tonal capabilities is on full display with Satan’s Fingers. It is certainly a standout for silicon fuzzes and should match excellently with fans of the effect. This pedal is an inspiring tool for new and classic styles of silicon fuzz.

While they say idle hands are the devil’s playthings, fear not, as this pedal is sure to keep your hands busy while you riff away endlessly.