JHS 3 Series Phaser, Flanger, and Hall Reverb Review

If your board’s looking slim or you simply couldn’t get enough of the first batch, JHS swoops in again

When seven blank canvas effect pedals landed about a year ago, JHS made a big splash on many players’ boards with compact and budget-priced stompboxes. These pedals filled a space in the modern effect pedal landscape originating from JHS founder Josh Scott’s fondness for bargain-bin effect pedals. An effort to create a pedal series that championed lower prices and high quality resulted in the JHS 3 Series. From there, bargain-priced pedals have never looked the same.

Following up on the first collection of 3 Series effect pedals, JHS builds upon the extensive 3 Series experience with three new entries – the 3 Series Phaser, Flanger, and Hall Reverb. Familiar interfaces and ensured quality under every footswitch make these entries as outstanding as the rest of the 3 Series family. With applicable practicality and plenty of character hidden under the hood, the new 3 Series entries stick their landing.

Phaser - Your Basic '80s Energy

Control the speed and width of the six-stage phaser signal to give your tone some vintage-inspired modulating motion. The Feedback switch pushed up will ramp up the signal and add some extra modulated action to the equation.

Flanger - Your Basic Off-Kilter Oddball

Control the mix and intensity of the flanger to strike that perfect dry mix with subtle modulation or crank each dial all the way up to go wild. The Tape switch pushed up will give the flanger added vintage character to make the effect balance even more unique and interactive.

Hall Reverb - Your Basic Cavernous Call

Control the wet signal and decay time of the reverb to add hints of resonating reverberation or drench the pedal in glorious, sustaining reverb to rival your best ambient pedals. The Modulate switch pushed up will give the reverb added ethereal movement to build upon it no matter how strong the effect is dialed in.

JHS 3 Series Phaser, Flanger, Hall Reverb Final Thoughts

Rounding out the 3 Series lineup with more niche effects with these three additions makes it very compelling to give the entire series a spin, if you haven’t gotten the chance already. Their blank canvas designs and straightforward operation maximize on the effect at hand for any player looking to drop in a basic effect like the rest of the 3 Series – only this time with a phaser, flanger, and hall reverb, the 3 Series welcomes more sonic experimentation. From foundational compression effects to wild flanging effects, the 3 Series now has even more to offer. Whether it’s your first step into the world of phasing, flanging, and reverberating or you’re seeking out a staple effect to build into your rig, the 3 Series keeps it straight and simple, cool and collected, and endlessly playable.

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