JHS 3 Series Pedals Review

Secret switches, party tricks, and big red buttons have all been checked at the door. What’s left?

Josh Scott's love of effect pedals extends beyond famous historic relics and modern mind-boggling boutiques. Though now among the most influential pedal builders today, the JHS Pedals founder learned the ropes of guitar effects like countless other aspiring guitarists – from the bargain bin. Today, Scott contests that the generations of simpler, lower-priced guitar effect pedals are due for their own celebration. With the new JHS 3 Series, JHS Pedals sets out to make such a celebration possible.

Featuring seven effect types, each 3 Series pedal brings a quick and easy representation of the effect. Though each pedal is intentionally basic in nature, it does not sacrifice quality for simplicity. The effects are responsive and dynamic, the interfaces are interactive, and each unit is built to be ready straight out of the box for bedroom jams to concert venues and everywhere in between. The series covers a solid base of tonal demands for any player. With intuitive controls for practical applications, the JHS Pedals 3 Series rolls out.

Chorus - Your Basic Wavering Wobble

Control the speed and depth of the chorus to create calm currents or warped waves of modulation. The Vibe switch pushed up will remove the dry signal of the guitar to introduce true pitch vibrato

Compressor - Your Basic Sustaining Snap

Control the speed and sustain of the compression to create articulate note definition with plenty of lasting sustain. The Bright switch pushed up will add in the high end signal that can get lost during compression

Delay - Your Basic Expressive Echo

Control the time and repeats of the delay to create quick slapback or lingering trails of delay. The Type switch pushed up will change the delay from analog to digital for dark or light delay trails

Distortion - Your Basic Crushed Crunch

Control the brightness and heaviness of the distortion to create warm buzz or harsh bite. The Gain switch pushed up will boost the distortion to a higher and brighter level of breakup

Fuzz - Your Basic Blaring Buzz

Control the voltage and clipping of the fuzz to create big washes of distortion or precise picked notes of static. The Fat switch pushed up will thicken the fuzz to a fuller signal size

Overdrive - Your Basic Powered Punch

Control the structure and form of the overdrive to create subdued warmth or an aggressive kick. The Gain switch pushed up will push the drive effect further for a considerable bite

Reverb - Your Basic Resonating Ring

Control the brightness and length of the reverb to create smooth barriers or spacious resonations of reverb. The Pre-Delay switch pushed up will add digital delay to the front end for spaced-out possibilities

JHS 3 Series Pedals Conclusion

The JHS 3 Series is far from a collection of gimmicks, one-off effects, or clones – it is strictly business. Where players will find no cheeky names, insignias, or frills, every pedal reliably does what is marked on the tin. For every intricate, dial-tweaking, multi-leveled effect pedal out there, there is a humble, simplified counterpart searching for the same action. JHS has elevated bargain pedals to a new level and with them, guitarists everywhere can partake in a new standard – concise effects for the modern player.

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