Taylor Guitars Grand Theater 811e Review

The unique drive of Taylor Guitars to invent and innovate never seems to stop, and with a shining new model joining the distinguished 800 series, there is no sign that it is slowing down.

Taylor's Grand Theater Series body shape is the newest addition to the Taylor Guitars lineup. Designed to strike a particular sweet spot between the shorter and smaller-scaled Taylors such as the GS Mini and the standard-sized Grand Concert, the Grand Theater aims to fit easily in the arms of any player while not sacrificing on volume or projection. The Grand Theater, or GT, homes in on a playing experience that is new to not only Taylor players, but to acoustic guitar players altogether.

Rich and Relaxed

Starting out, the GT 811e gets players familiar with the new body shape right away as the smaller scale creates a looser and more relaxed feeling in hand right off the bat. The short scale is complemented by a classic Taylor tonewood combination to form the scaled-down body. A Sitka spruce top and Indian rosewood back and sides produce the familiar Taylor tones that have made the brand famous, though in this new body shape, those tones almost take on a new identity. This phenomenon is due in no small part to the new Taylor Guitars C-Class bracing pattern. C-Class bracing, an internal architecture design specially made for the Grand Theater body shape, is the product of more Taylor inventiveness at play. Taking inspiration from Taylor's innovative V-Class bracing pattern, the GT 811e's C-Class bracing sets out with a similar goal as its V-Class cousin, this goal being maximized tonal balance, projection, and nuance. C-Class bracing is formed from an asymmetrical internal bracing pattern, and with this innovation, the GT 811e rings out with a warm, resonant voice, despite the smaller scale.

Sleek and Stylish

The new tonal formula is only further enhanced by the GT 811e's playability. Fine materials and appointments bring together the GT 811e to make for an excellent playing experience. Taylor Guitars' Tropical mahogany neck and West African ebony fretboard feel smooth and streamlined to allow players to easily explore higher and lower registers while mother-of-pearl Element fret inlays and a single ring rosette stand out for a guitar that is intricately detailed. Intonation is kept stable with a Tusq nut, micarta saddle, and Taylor nickel mini tuners. Along with an exceptional acoustic experience, Taylor's trusty Expression System 2 electronics system brings the tones of the 811e to the stage with ease for the players ready to take the show on the road.

The Next Big Thing

Taylor’s tireless commitment to the next big idea is plain to see in the GT 811e, even if in this case, the idea is smaller scaled. Perfect for acoustic guitar players who are looking for a closer hold in their arms but with looser grip, the GT 811e stands out as a prime candidate for the job. High quality and accessible, this new creation fits into the family for any Taylor player to enjoy.

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