Way Huge Atreides Review

Have you ever found yourself in an apocalyptic '80s movie and thought to yourself, "I need this vibe...but in a pedal."

Enter the Way Huge Atreides.

The Way Huge Atreides is an analog weirding module. To that extent, it does an excellent job in introducing itself, "weird." With a selection of synth, octave, and fuzz effects, the Atreides rolls out a distinct, quirky sound. It specializes in recreating the sounds of 1980s synthesizers, but maybe not the ones you might already have in mind. Far from the glowing strings and resonant reverbs of synthpop and new wave, the Atreides hearkens to the dirty and distorted synthesizers of rock music and sci-fi soundtracks of the decade. Let’s take a closer look.

Hip to be Weird

The Way Huge Atreides creates clashes of analog synth effects that are quirky and imaginative. Utilizing its seven sliders to adjust effect parameters, players can roll in different voices with mashups of fuzzes, phasers, filters, and octaves. Finding a unique synth tone with the Atreides is never difficult as it comes out swinging each time it is engaged.

To paint a picture, think of the Atreides as a single synth effect pedal rather than a combination of many. In a way, the Atreides does not play fuzz, filter, phaser, and octave – the Atreides plays the Atreides. Its sound is sculpted by its individual effects that contribute to the overall whole. The sum of this equation is a pedal that is weird, kooky, but musical. Walking a line between quirky and noisy, the Atreides has plenty to offer.

Triangulating Coordinates

The Atreides plays a game all its own. Switching on the pedal and starting at any random parameter setting introduces part of the beauty of the Atreides – it is tonally transcendent and unabashedly unique at any given position. Experimenting with the effect parameters of the Atreides brings out the character of its combined effects, and to the pedal’s credit, each gnarly, sci-fi effect complements the others brilliantly.

Mixing and matching the Atreides’s settings can produce some wild sounds. To take one parameter at a time, we have Vol, Sens, Range, Bright, Fuzz, Rate, and Sub.

  • Vol – volume of the effect
  • Sens and Range – vocal envelope control
  • Bright – fuzz tone control
  • Fuzz – level of fuzz
  • Rate – speed of phase shifter
  • Sub – level of sub-octave

These effects stack up easily and are responsive to one another but can also spend time in their own spotlight. Turn the fuzz level up to create awesome little disasters of distortion with a wah inflection from the phaser. Smooth out the fuzz to let the Atreides breathe with starship bleeps and bloops from the envelope filter. Anywhere you go with the Atreides, you’ll find another interesting angle on the ‘80s broken-up sci-fi sound.

Atmospheric Reentry

The Way Huge Atreides is nothing less than a tonal trip. From the seven-slider interface to the vintage synthesizer vibe, the Atreides provides a playing experience unlike any other. Taking pride in the fuzzy, phasing, synth scrambles that it creates, the Atreides plays to a particular niche but performs exceptionally. If you are looking for a new kick to your rock riffs or Van Halen-style tapping, this pedal has all the tonal character and dimension that you could ask for. Next time you find yourself on that dusty, lonesome road, turn to the Atreides to pave that path with synthesized gold.