Snacks 038: Gibson Les Paul Standard c. 1981

Here it is folks, the Staten Island Screamer. Fellow East Coasters may have some pretty vivid memories of this setup. I've heard stories about people giving away their original burst PAF's for a free Super Distortion pickup install all over the East Coast. Does anybody know if that's true? Regardless, here's a chance for the one that got away: "I had an '81 Les Paul, put a super distortion in the bridge, it was my favorite guitar, never should have gotten rid of it...." If we had a nickel for every time we heard that, we might be able to afford one 1959 Gibson PAF. And if you understood that, you're a guitar nerd. Nerd.

Gear Used

Guitar 1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard
Amp Orange Rocker 32
Mics AKG 414c

Artist: Michael Delgado

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