Snacks 039: Fender Exotic American Professional Mahogany Telecaster Deluxe Shawbucker

A horse walks into a guitar shop and he says, "I want a Telecaster with all the warmth and bottom of a mahogany guitar. Furthermore, I would prefer that mahogany come from the forest floor after a record smashing hurricane." Well Mr. Horse, have we got just the perfect guitar for you. As part of Fender's 2017 Exotic Series, this Tele Deluxe body is made from mahogany rescued off the forest floor in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch wreaked havoc in 1998. Slap in a couple of shawbuckers and the end result is a beautiful trick on the eyes and ears. You know when you take a sip of soda, and you think it's coke but then, BAM!, it's root beer! It's like that. Crazy man, crazy. And how did that horse get in here?

Artist: Ben Cruz

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