Snacks 040: Fender Custom Shop 60s Hot Rod Telecaster Faded Aged Shell Pink

Shell Pink guitars don’t last long in this shop. This one barely made it to the end of the demo video before someone took it home, but we couldn’t keep it from you guys. This is a dealer-event one-off 60’s Hot Rod Tele in Super Faded Aged Shell Pink. The perfect combination of a heavy road-worn relic in perhaps the softest Easter Egg color in the Fender basket. Imagine a shell pink fence post, in the middle of a field, weathered by the elements for decades. But that fence post has 6 strings and a humbucker in the neck. And its not a fence post… I don’t know where this is going, but a beat-to-hell pink telecaster with a Chase Bliss Tremolo pedal into an Orange Rocker 32 is way cool. If you dig it, call us and we’ll get the Fender Custom Shop to whip you up one just how you like it.

Gear Used

Guitar Fender Custom Shop 60s Hot Rod Telecaster
Amp Orange Rocker 32
Effects Chase Bliss Gravitas Analog Tremolo
Mics AKG 414c

Artist: Michael Delgado

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