Snacks 041: Gibson J-45 Vintage, VOS Vintage Sunburst

Want that worn in acoustic guitar tone but you don’t have 75 years to spare or a small fortune to spend? Man, have we got a solution for you! Everything you love about the J-45, pre-aged to perfection. The body is a book-matched mahogany back and sides paired up with a thermally-aged Adirondack spruce top. (Thermal aging simulates the aged top of you family heirloom without all that pesky waiting around.) The mahogany neck is joined with the classic dovetail and topped with a rosewood fingerboard. Slap it all together with some hot hide glue, and you’ve got that sweet, balanced tone the J-45 is famous for with the volume that will have your neighbors telling you to turn down your acoustic guitar. Don’t listen to them. We support you. They’re just around to complain and leave their trash cans on the curb for 2 weeks straight. We always have a ton of Gibson Acoustics in stock but we're not allowed to post them online. So give us a call or stop by for a chat and a strum.

Gear Used

Guitar Gibson J-45 Vintage, VOS Vintage Sunburst
Mics Microtech Gefell GMBH M930

Artist: Matt Caponegro

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