Snacks 044: Gibson Memphis '64 ES-345 Bigsby Mono Varitone Olive Drab Green

I remember the early 80's like they were almost 40 years ago. My parents had an olive drab refrigerator and I thought it was so strange that such an unappetizing color would house all of the family’s food. But those were the times, right? Greens, yellows and 2 inch high carpet. My sister’s haircut was huge. Aerosol hairspray ate the ozone layer and video killed the radio star. Now that I’m older and wiser, this guitar is cool, that fridge was cool, and nobody has tall carpet anymore. What happened, man? Regardless, this semi-hollow, that reverb pedal and that combo amp are awakening the tone dragons and we’re ok with that.

Artist: Michael Delgado

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