Snacks 051: Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Les Paul Goldtop Darkback Reissue VOS

Two very different Goldtop Darkback vids in a row! (See last week’s Snack.) This hearkens us back to the time before the burst. When your local Gibson dealer said, “Gold or Black” and you said “Yes” or “No”. The good old days before you had to wonder if it’s too flame-y or not flame-y enough. “Is this flame too Nickelback?” is a valid question in this day and age. Any-who, this guitar is a player and Ben proves it with this decadent little tone morsel. The Tonal Recall RKM from Chase Bliss is dialed in just right, dancing on the edges of musicality and outer space. I’m no doctor, but I bet this rig would help you get to outer space. I would take a Les Paul to space. Would you? Does anyone read this far?

Artist: Ben Cruz

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