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Since its establishment in 2007, Blackstar has been celebrated as one of the world’s most innovative guitar amplifier brands by some of the world's greatest musicians and bands. Their amps have been used by artists like Phil Collen, Richie Sambora, and Albert Hammond Jr. The brand was born in a pub when four bandmates believed that amplification should be more than what was available at the time. After two and a half years of extensive technical research and development, Blackstar was launched in 2007.

Blackstar is committed to research and development to constantly challenge the state-of-the-art in guitar amplifier technology. At their HQ in Northampton, England, their ongoing program of research and innovation seeks to help guitarists achieve the sound in their heads. Patented innovations like TVP, ISF, and DPR are the foundations of the Blackstar product catalogue.

Blackstar amps are made with the idea that guitar amplifier design is not voodoo or a black art but the application of engineering discipline in a musical setting. Their products are built from the ground up with each circuit containing numerous innovations and unique breakthrough technologies, resulting in their characteristic sound clarity and flexibility.

The countless hours of research and testing that go into a Blackstar product are unmatched by any competitor. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the products they create, which are unrivaled in terms of quality and sound. Blackstar amps are put through rigorous toughness testing to ensure that they have both endurance and reliability, making them a reliable choice for touring musicians.

At Blackstar, they believe that guitar amplification should be an instrument of expression and creativity, and their approach to amplification reflects this. Their approach may seem a little exhausting, but it's to exuberate guitarists, regardless of the genre they play. They believe that the real magic happens when they provide musicians with products that inspire them in their art.

In conclusion, Blackstar is a brand that is committed to innovation, creativity, and research and development. Their products are of the highest quality, and their patented innovations like TVP, ISF, and DPR are the foundations of the Blackstar product catalogue. If you're looking for an amplifier that is built to last and provides unparalleled sound quality, Blackstar is the brand for you.

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