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Small batches, big tone

Caroline pedals are hand crafted in Columbia, South Carolina. Designer Philippe Herndon and his team push the envelope on lo-fi inspired tones and creations, offering features not seen on similar counterparts. Nothing else quite sounds like a Caroline pedal. After all, they say for themselves: "We make some of the best sounding effects pedals we've ever heard. That being said, we're probably not objective about that."

Controlled Havoc

Caroline's pedals, which include the Wave Cannon distortion, Meteore Lo-Fi Reverb, and the Parabola tremolo are easy to dial in and loaded with flexibility. One of their – so to speak – performance enhancing feature is their Havoc switch – a momentary footswitch most often introducing self-oscillation into the effected signal. Something else unique about Caroline's pedals is that they feel like the coolest thing you're about to hear. Whoever picks up a Caroline pedal may be more than likely to hold it, stare at it, and think "...yeah, this is rad."

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