Fender Highway Series Acoustic-Electric Guitars

Fender Highway Series Acoustic-Electric Guitars

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More about Fender Highway Series Acoustic-Electric Guitars

Fender, renowned for its iconic electric guitars, also boasts a rich history in crafting acoustic instruments. From its beginnings in the 1960s to its latest release, the Highway Series, Fender's acoustic guitars are revered by both players and collectors alike.

Humble Beginnings

Fender's foray into acoustic guitars began with the King and Concert series, featuring bold designs and distinctive headstocks. In the 1960s, Fender acquired the renowned American guitar company, Guild. Under Fender's ownership, Guild continued to produce high-quality acoustic guitars, maintaining its distinct identity. In the early 2000s, Fender expanded its acoustic lineup with the introduction of the California and Paramount series, showcasing a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation.

Today's Expertise

Fender's commitment to acoustic excellence reached new heights with the release of the American Acoustasonic Series in 2019 and has been admired more with the unveiling of each new guitar that is added to their extensive collection. The new Highway Series Acoustic Guitars are another acclaimed notch in the belt of Fender's legacy of inspiring with craftsmanship, consistency and innovation, and a peek into what the marriage of technology and acoustic instruments may look like in the near future.

Throughout the years, Fender's acoustic guitars have evolved to meet the demands of diverse musicians while staying true to the company's commitment to quality and innovation. Whether inspired by classic designs or pushing the boundaries of acoustic-electric possibilities, Fender's acoustic guitars continue to resonate with musicians worldwide.

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