Gibson SG Custom Color Series

Gibson SG Custom Color Series

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Gibson's SG Custom Color Series offers two variations of the iconic SG sound and style, with a slew of never before seen color options and some modern touches to boot. These two stylish SG's are inspired by '60s era classic SG models, embodying an iconic era that represents the timeless essence of rock 'n' roll, all while offering enough modernity to suit the needs of players.

The SG Standard and SG Standard '61 both proudly carry classic design elements that have made '60s SG models so highly coveted, such as an SG shaped mahogany body, while differing from one another in key elements such as neck profile, pickup selection and color options. The SG Standard's rounded profile neck and the '61 Standard's SlimTaper neck, both carved from mahogany, offer similar comfortable playing experiences yet slightly variant neck profiles. 

While both achieving the classic thickness and grit that '60s SG models are know for, the two variations in this Custom Color Series offer different pickup selections: the '61 Standard equipped with '60s Burstbucker Pickup, and the SG Standard sporting 490 R and 490 T Alnico 2 pickups. Both pairs of pickups offer a dynamic range that's suitable for today's stage or studio, capturing the nuances of their players with precision, albeit with slightly different tonal qualities.  

At the heart of both of these SG models is a solid mahogany body, providing the foundation for the guitars' exceptional tonal characters. The body's resonance and sustain ring true to the original character of '60s SG models, while both models are also set apart aesthetically, featuring striking black, 5-ply full-face pickguards. This distinctive touch helps set these SG Custom Color Series guitars apart from the crowd.

In comparison to other SG models, the SG Standard and SG '61 Standard Custom Color Series introduces exciting new color options for players who crave a personalized touch to their instruments. These options include Cardinal Red Burst, Translucent Teal, Pelham Blue Burst, Classic White, Silver Mist, and TV Yellow. The infusion of vibrant colors adds a modern flair to the timeless design, making it an ideal choice for those who want to make a bold statement while also playing a familiar instrument. 

Whether players are drawn to its classic looks, vintage features, or the modern twist of the Custom Color Series, the Gibson SG Standard and Gibson SG '61 Standard both embrace the enduring legacy of one of the most iconic guitar models in the history of music, while keeping it fresh at the same time. 

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