Alexander Super Radical Delay Pedal


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  • Bypass / Preset - Tap to bypass the pedal, hold down to select the next preset.
  • Tap / Save - Tap to set the delay time, hold down to save the current settings to the active preset.
  • Mix — Controls the blend between fully dry (clean) and fully wet (repeat only) echo sound. 12 o’clock is an equal mix of clean and echo.
  • Boost — When Shift is active, the Mix knob controls the overall output level from -3dB to +3dB.
  • Time — Adjusts the maximum delay time from 10ms to 900ms.
  • Wave — When Shift is active, the Time knob controls the wave shape of the modulation. Available waves include sine, square, ramp up and ramp down.
  • Repeat — Controls the feedback of the delay.
  • Offset — When Shift is active, the Repeat knob controls the center point of the modulation effect. Offset has no effect if modulation is disabled.
  • Rate — Adjusts the rate of modulation. Set this to zero to disable modulation.
  • Range - Adjusts the depth or range of modulation. If the Rate control is at zero, Range serves as a manual control for the modulation effect.

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