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Alexander Super Radical Delay Pedal



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The Super Radical Delay takes everything we love about the 80s and pumps up the volume. It's like ALF, Peter Venkman and Undead Michael Jackson hijacked the A-Team Van for an Excellent Adventure with Iceman Val Kilmer — all to a soundtrack of Bon Jovi and that song from Dirty Dancing. Strap in. It's about to get bodacious. 


Bypass / Preset - Tap to bypass the pedal, hold down to select the next preset.

Tap / Save - Tap to set the delay time, hold down to save the current settings to the active preset.

Mix — Controls the blend between fully dry (clean) and fully wet (repeat only) echo sound. 12 o’clock is an equal mix of clean and echo.

     Boost  When Shift is active, the Mix knob controls the overall output level from -3dB to +3dB.

Time — Adjusts the maximum delay time from 10ms to 900ms.

     Wave — When Shift is active, the Time knob controls the wave shape of the modulation.  Available waves include sine, square, ramp up and ramp down.

Repeat — Controls the feedback of the delay.

     Offset —  When Shift is active, the Repeat knob controls the center point of the modulation effect.  Offset has no effect if modulation is disabled.

Rate — Adjusts the rate of modulation.  Set this to zero to disable modulation.

Range - Adjusts the depth or range of modulation. If the Rate control is at zero, Range serves as a manual control for the modulation effect.


Delay Modes:

Mod — Super-clean digital delay with adjustable modulation.  Range and Rate control an adjustable pitch modulation, for chorus or vibrato textures.

Glitch — Pristine digital delay that you can mangle in unusual and interesting ways.  Range and Rate control the amount of bit-crushing and aliasing.  Try it with modulation off for the classic Radical effect, or use the new Rate function to morph your signal between glassy and mangled in real-time.

Bend — Delay with pitch shifting that’s based on the earliest technology and spirals up or down with each repeat. Range and Rate control the pitch shift interval, the classic Radical effects are obtained with modulation disabled.  Use the Offset control to choose the pitch shift range for interesting bending harmonies!

Flow — Adds a liquid effect, courtesy of our digital four-pole resonant filter.  Range and Rate control the filter sweep, try tweaking the Offset control to choose the starting point of the filter sweep.

*Hint: Turn the delay time all the way down and the Radical Delay will take on a whole new vibe. In Mod mode, you’ll find analog-flavored chorus. Glitch mode turns into a “bleep bloop” robot machine. In Bend mode, try blending the dry signal in for glitchy pitch-shifted harmony lines.  Finally, Flow mode works as a phaser, try adding feedback to sharpen the filter effect.



Type: Delay
Power Supply: 9v DC 2.1mm Negative Center
True Bypass/Buffer: Buffered Bypass
In's - Out's: 1 In - 1 Out - 1 Midi
Stereo/Mono: Mono
Expression Out: Yes
Analog/Digital: Digital 24-bit DSP architecture
Battery Connection None