Blackstar Amped 2 100-Watt Floorboard Amplifier with Effects

100 watt floorboard amplifier with effects, Cab Rig, USB-C, and MIDI control | Item ID: AMPED2

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  • 100-Watt floorboard amplifier
  • 3 amp voices, 3 power amp responses
  • Power reduction down to 1 watt
  • 12 effect types with separate footswitches - reverb, delay, modulation, drive
  • Tap Tempo control
  • Cab Rig with three presets, output over USB-C, XLR DI, and ¼” headphones jack
  • Speaker outputs to power 8 or 16 ohm cabinets
  • 9V DC outputs to power effects pedals
  • MIDI control over all parameters
  • Built-in tuner
  • IEC powered with cable included

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