Darkglass Hyper Luminal Hybrid Bass Compressor Pedal

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  • BlendMixes the clean and effected signals. Unlike our distortions, it is placed before the Output control. So the Hyper Luminal can also be used as a transparent booster with this control at minimum.
  • TimeSets the time constants (Attack and Release). You can use the Darkglass Suite to fine tune and custom map the time constants, you can also assign different behaviours for each Mode.
  • OutputSets the overall output volume of the unit.
  • CompressionSets the overall amount of compression. This control also affects the internal makeup gain.
  • RatioAdjusts the amount of compression.
  • ModeSelects the unit's Mode (BUS, FET, or SYM)
  • USBA Micro USB B connector allows you to connect the pedal to PC/Mac to set Time settings, parameters, and future firmware upgrades via the Darkglass Suite.

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