Earthquaker Rainbow Machine V2 Modulation Pedal

Polyphonic Pitch Shifting with Flexi-Switch | Item ID: EQDRAINV2USA

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  • Pitch adjusts the frequency of the polyphonic pitch-warped harmony from a fourth below your input, to a third above, and every atonal pitch in-between.
  • Primary adjusts the volume of the polyphonic harmony.
  • Tracking adjusts the lag time between the wet and dry signals.
  • Tone rolls off some treble for a darker, “vintage” sound.
  • Secondary adds an octave of the Primary harmony.
  • Magic This is a regeneration control that creates aliasing (among other things) by feeding the Primary and Secondary signals back on themselves and each other, and a bunch of other stuff no one understands.


Type: Modulation - Octave
Power Supply: 9 Volt DC 2.1mm negative center
True Bypass/Buffer: Yes
Ins - Outs: 1 In - 1 Out
Stereo/Mono: Mono
Expression Out: Yes
Analog/Digital: Digital
Battery Connection: None


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